We aim to make playing Fantasy Premier League a unique experience  

How to run your own fantasy premier league

We want to change your experiences of playing fantasy football game by relaunching our Fantasy Premier League Commissioner in this coming 2014/15. How it’s different from the other Fantasy Premier League? Well, the most exciting news is the fantasy football fans don’t need be bounded by the same rules and regulations set by its creators anymore! Now you can run your own English Premier League (EPL) fantasy game with your own rules and own way. This game allows you to set up your own leagues and act as commissioners. Not only with your customized settings but also for FREE!

Fantasy Premier League Commissioner is a fantasy league system which uniquely different from the typical fantasy football leagues where gives you more controls. You can choose to have either the default settings or use the options available (customize) such as:

–       choose a personal domain name for each league,

–       set limitations on overall budget,

–       transfers per game week,

–       number of players from a club per team

–       to design the game with their favourite colour

–       add your own logo and bannerand

–       specify the number of fantasy teams competing in the league.

–       defining fantasy scores

We will have this game for the upcoming 2014/15 EPL season in different packages from free basic version to paid professional version.