How to customize your own Fantasy EPL game?

I believe that many English Premier League (EPL) fans must have played or currently are still playing fantasy football games. When we ask them, they can tell a few popular ones like the official Fantasy Premier League, one from Yahoo and one from ESPNFC, plus numerous others that are run by different sites or companies. Are you an avid fantasy EPL fans too? If yes, have you ever feel sick of a lot of stiff regulations set by the game developers? Do you wish to set up your own EPL fantasy league, buy your favorite players to build your own dream team of which you can control the budget by yourself but not the default game settings?

We are bringing you a new style of Barclays Premier League fantasy game –Fantasy Premier League Commissioner ( We have add in many new features that what’s make this game unique on its own. In this game you are act as a commissioner, other than set limitations on overall budget, other options are choose your personal domain name, background theme colour, transfer per game week, determine the maximum number of teams play in the league. Also, you could allocate custom scoring points for goals, shots on goal, assists, yellow and red card and saves.

Lust but not least, this game is FREE! Join us now and get a feel of our unique features compared to other fantasy football games.

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