2 Other Reasons Why People Play Fantasy Premier League

InsideFPL did an almost perfect article analysing why people play fantasy football or Fantasy Premier League (FPL) to be more precise since InsideFPL is all about FPL. He covered 5 compelling factors like Involvement, Social, Control, Variable Reinforcement and Competition. Every avid fantasy sport fans could not deny having those factors, but he didn’t mentioned the other 2 compelling factors that influence fans to form their dream team each season.


The image above depicts a survey by IPSOS on reasons why people started playing fantasy sports. Ste from InsideFPL covered most of them like Social and Competition, except for these 2 new reasons below.

Rewards – 34.5% said they thought they could win money, prizes or trophies

People do play fantasy football because they want to gain something out of this hobby. Perhaps many of us fantasy football fans know the feeling of wanting to win that autographed jersey, iPad or that monthly cash prize, especially when we are so close to the top of the leaderboard. We’re not even talking about the highy lucrative weekly/daily fantasy sport segment that has taken this industry by storm in recent years. So it’s a real and lucrative fact to know that people play fantasy sport because they want to earn something

Inquisitiveness – 55.9% were invited to play and 17.3% said it was free so they wanted to try it

Being invited to play could fall into the Social category but the desire to try received 17.3% of the votes from the people surveyed. So it shows that people played because they were curious about it. And many testimonials have proven that some newcomers to fantasy sport entered this world because they were invited to play by their friends and because they were also curious about this game. They eventually became a convert of this new religion called fantasy sport.

But above all the reasons, the main reason that people play fantasy sport is because it’s fun. So if you’re curious to know if the above reasons are true, why don’t you create your own Premier League fantasy game, and invite your friends to play using the built-in invite feature. You can invite them via Facebook or email.  And tell them you’ll buy everyone a drink if you’re last in the ranking. You will see the result!

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