Did Messi Deserve The Golden Ball? – A Fantasy Football Perspective

As the argument continues on whether Lionel Messi deserves the Golden Ball award, we decided to analyse this from a Fantasy World Cup strikers standpoint. Looking at the stats from FanXT Fantasy World Cup, Messi achieved 43 points, 6 points lesser than Benzema (49 points) who tops the top 10 striker list (see image). Messi and Neymar tied with 43 points each but Neymar only had one goal less than Messi but one extra shots on goal (SOG). If Neymar was not “kneed” on the field, perhaps he could have won the Golden Ball.

Top 10 strikers of Fantasy World Cup
Top 10 strikers of Fantasy World Cup

Take note that Karem Benzema attempted 22 times to score and successful strike the net 2 times (plus 1 penalty goal), that’s 10 times more than Messi but loss to Messi on total goals scored. However, Messi did better than Benzema and other any other top strikers in terms of appearance (appeared 7 times), where he was regularly fielded in the first 11 to play for his beloved Argentina. Perhaps Benzema was fasting during Ramadan because he’s a Muslim, if not he could have played more games.

We are not certain how the FIFA technical committee voting system works, but one thing for sure, the competition for Golden Ball was really close, and the top manager of FanXT Fantasy World Cup, Chris Ayers, never even fielded Messi into his “The Gimps” fantasy team thoughout his World Cup campaign. Maybe because Messi was just too expensive ($17 mil!)

NOTE: We only compared the stats from a striker position as fantasy points scoring is different for players in different positions.