The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Fantasy Premier League

Fantasy Premier League is played by almost 4 million people in over 200 countries around the world. These fantasy leagues (the official and unofficial ones) proved to be an invigorating weekly hobby that sparks roars, laughs and cries amongst the fans of this beautiful game across the globe. Since the new 2014/15 season is looming, its fitting to share some facts about what you might get when getting to addicted on playing fantasy football – the lowdown.

The Good
Playing Premier League fantasy game makes watching West Ham vs. West Bromwich so much sweeter since you have Mark Noble in your fantasy team. Suddenly, you’d realised that you started to care about matches that doesn’t concern your favourite club, even low-end matches, just because the players on TV is also in your EPL fantasy team. Overall, it’s good for the Premier League’s bank account, good for the pub owners, most of all, good for the cable TV companies. Here’s an article that proves fantasy sport has helped to increase TV ratings for NFL with testimonies from fantasy sport fans that playing fantasy games make them want to watch more matches. All in all, fantasy sport is good for the sport.

The Bad
Ever play a money pool fantasy game and lose to your friend? You’ll know what I mean by Bad. It makes losing even harder to swallow. It’s not that painful seeing your ranking slipping away, but when you have money or pride at stake, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. You see your colleague walking away with that pot of weekly cash prize with your $50 bill in it and you thought, you’re gonna beat him next gameweek. But when that weekend comes, you wonder why on earth you didn’t choose Hazard as your left winger. There goes your money again.

The Ugly
Before you started playing fantasy football, perhaps you thought you’re a die-hard ManUtd or Arsenal or Chelsea fan and your super-glued bond with them will never break. Well, guess what? Fantasy football exposed the evil side of you. You started rooting for Suarez to score against your favorite club, because you want 10 points from this prolific striker of yours. Oh my God, you even cheer when he celebrates his hattrick. You started feeling like a traitor (What is wrong with me?!).

The fact about playing fantasy Premier League is that it might make you or break you. Too much of a good thing, some say, is not good for you. But too much of nothing, is even worse. So, do enjoy the upcoming Premier League 2014-15 season and if you ever want something more to indulge with your fantasy spirit, try running your own Premier League fantasy site with your buddies. Who knows, since now you’re in charge of the game, you might get lucky with Hazard.

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