Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3 Tips

Fantasy Premier League is a marathon and not a sprint, and if you have lot of catching up to do, this weekend’s predictions just might help solve your problem.

1. B. Guzan of Aston Villa continues to impress in goal, as does Lloris of Tottenham. The nod goes to Guzan however, primarily based on his greater number of saves. To date, neither ASV nor Tottenham has had a goal scored against them, in large part due to the play of these two defenders.

Dier has been playing great defense for Tottenham, which might turn some of the spotlight away from the goalkeeper. The same might be said for Cissokho, ASV’s top defender to date. Two games do not make a season however, but these two players are worth taking a second look at if they were not amongst your initial selections.

Expectations were high for both Dier and Cissokho at the start of the season and those expectations are likely to go even higher. These two defenders along with Guzan and Lloris, are definitely worth considering for anyone contemplating a change in a team’s make-up.

2. Amongst the attackers, S. Berahino of West Bromwich has certainly impressed to date. Chelsea’s Diego Costa has been a more popular pick but his one yellow card most likely resulted in lost points for more than a few managers. As we go into Week 3, a good question to ask might be whether the yellow card will cause Costa to play a bit more conservatively during the next few matches. Conservative play from an attacker is seldom a good thing to have happening. Berahino’s play has been solid the past two weeks, with three shots on goal and one goal scored. Selecting this attacker has proven to be a pleasant surprise on a number of teams.

3. Tottenham v Liverpool could be the best match of this coming week. Both teams are scoring machines, although Liverpool has disappointed somewhat to date. Four of the five goals scored by Tottenham in the first two weeks were at home against Queens Park Rangers, a team that has just recently returned to top division play and has yet to score a goal. Tottenham is a definite favorite to win the title however, and would have to be considered to be at least a slight favorite over Liverpool. Tottenham will also be the home team for this match. If Nacer Chadi, the Premier League’s player of the week, keeps up his play, things should go well for Tottenham. The outlook may be even brighter in the weeks to come with the expected signing of Sevilla defender Federico Fazio. While you might be forgiven for expecting the Tottenham-Liverpool matchup to be a high-scoring affair, the same was said for the matchup of not long ago between Germany and Argentina, and we all know how that turned out. The nod goes to Tottenham.

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