MY TIPS: Fantasy Premier League Gameweek 3

Let me first begin by saying that everything stated here is my opinion hence the phrase ‘MY TIPS’ in the title. You can choose to read on if you think my tips will be of help to you.

The Fantasy Premier League Commissioner is a heaven. There you get to answer the question: what if the manager (of the team you support) bought a certain player and played them for a particular fixture. If you watched the Spurs game you will understand what I am talking about.

I collected 53 points in Gameweek 2. That is a fair return if you ask me especially considering I left out Nacer Chadli on the bench. I had thought about making him captain but for some reason I though Harry Redknapp would rally the Hoops past the Spurs. Don’t fault me. He was the Spurs manager a while back so presumably he must have known how to stop them. Clearly the team has changed ever since he left and let us not forget Mauricio Pochettino is their third manager since Harry left.

Rooney was my captain. Of all people I chose him. Clearly my loyalty to him as a top performer has put me in an awkward position. I am now thinking of selling him all the same leave alone just relieving him of the captaincy. Mata on the other hand whom I sold at the end of week one seems to be performing. But the acquisition of Di Maria mid week will possibly change a lot in Manchester United’s team dynamics. I think everything will run through Di Maria and Mata will be left to feed off the scraps so playing him on your team I believe will be a waste of time

Enough about my whining. I did not play him so there is not much I can do about that.

Here are some of my tips for Gameweek 3 of the Fantasy Premier League

1.Acquire Di Maria and make him your captain. Wait, some of you must be thinking I am insane to suggest that. Of course by now you have realized that I am a Man U fan. I will give you my reasons. Manchester United are playing Burnley who are new to the league. Personally I think of all teams they are the weakest. And with pressure piling on Van Gaal, he is sure to deliver a convincing when (if not, there is not much difference between him and Moyes)

2. When it comes to defence, you can never go wrong with Mourinho’s boys. Ivanovich and John Terry seem like a pretty good bet. But then again they are playing Everton who are in pretty good form. Hey it is a Fantasy Premier League, so it is never that serious. Take a gamble will you!!!!!!

3.Spurs are meeting Liverpool who are without their savior Suarez and the replacement they have brought in (Balotelli) has not had time to gel with the players. So you can be sure playing Eric Dier is a pretty good bet too. He should have an easy day at the office especially if Balotteli becomes himself and is sent off on his debut.

4.When it comes to attack you will want to go with Pellagrini’s destroyers. Jovetic is in form, so is Aguero. It is scary when two top strikers hit form at the same time. Woe unto Stoke, the Citizens seem to be matching towards the Title this early in the campaign, crushing everyone along their path.

5.Yaya Toure is Man City’s engine so leaving him out of your selection will just be dumb. No other player in the Fantasy Premier League runs a team as well as he does. He can do it all, score goals, run channels, intercept passes, press the ball…you name it. (If only Man U could acquire him – if only wishes were horses…)

There you have it. Trust me you will thank me after Gameweek 3 of the Fantasy Premier League. Just wait and see.

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  • samsthuo

    As a fellow manchester united fan, i could not help laugh at your tips, i felt i would have done the same, in fact, i think i had everyone you have mention in another FL i am in, this is even without reading your post. I did everything but put rooney as my captain, i had done that the previous week. I even bought Di Maria, nkt. I could have put Costa as my captain but Jose lied to us that he was injured so i sold him, and see what he did. Anyway, i can’t wait for QPR. Am tempted to buy either Falcao or RVP but something tells me to stay away from Man united. Am very confused