Contenders for Captaincy in your Fantasy Premier League Team

After cautiously picking up and assembling a strong starting line up, the next challenging task is selecting your fantasy premier league captain! It’s never uncomplicated as there are vast amount of players who fits in the role. Grill down the commands below and figure out who is your leader on the pitch.

Who is the best candidate for Captaincy?

For the upcoming gameweek 6, there is a predicament on who suits best for this vital role as the previous gameweek witnessed many twist and tales among the top players. Will it be young, promising and gifted players, highly experienced stars who just arrived to the Premier League or those who are starting to hit back at critics with fine performances so far this season?

Looking at Lukaku to solve your captaincy problems?

The Belgian front man has earned high reputations among Premier League fans last season with mesmerizing goals for Everton. Plenty of them initially choose Lukaku being their leader, who failed to impress during the opening games. However, the last two matches have favoured the former Chelsea man, bagging in brace of goals. In terms of captaincy, a key compulsory is consistency to perform each week flawlessly. Upcoming matches away to Liverpool as well as Manchester United are a tough nut to crack for Lukaku. Ensure captaincy is wrapped by a player who does not fail to impress each gameweek.

Goals are flowing from midfield as well.

While Mario Balotelli keeps focusing on his hairdos, teammate Raheem Sterling keeps finding the back of the net, being Liverpool’s only worth watching player this season so far, leaving Daniel Sturridge in the medical room. He has clearly cemented his place in the starting line up with high level of creativity as well as pace. Another key aspect to look for captaincy is injury free and fitness level up to peak. Sterling is rarely sidelined for these reasons. A decent contender for fantasy premier league captaincy!

Diego Costa, a gem of a striker!

The most popular striker in the fantasy premier league at the moment, he has by now scored seven goals for the Blues. There is no uncertainty over his strong physical presence as well as clinical finishes. There are little concerns over his fitness lately, hamstring aggravation seems to trouble the big front man. Given that he just can’t stop scoring, it’s being overlooked by fantasy managers.

So who would suit the Captain role preeminently?

There might be three to four players who you believe will restored your faith with captaincy responsibility, the toughest part is choosing a sole player among them. New foreign arrivals to Premier League are the ones who are grabbing the headlines so far this season, including Angel Di Maria, Diego Costa, Samuel Eto and others. Keeping consistency, fitness and class in mind, granting an Angel to be your leader on pitch is the ideal solution. Angel Di Maria, he continuously make defenders to panic with his sublime goals and quick runs over the flank assisting his forwards. The Red Devils have their troubles at the back, however having this man at front delivering pair of goals and assists so far this season eases their pressure. Angel works best for captaincy!

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