Team Form Analysis

Despite only being in the earlier phase of the season, there has already been lot of twist and tales in the 2014/2015 Premier League. The underdogs surprisingly were triumphing over the big guns of the league and new foreign arrivals taking the league by storm plus more young talents emerging as strong contenders. Football is however a team game, the understanding and depth of playing inspire individual players to step up their game. Assembling a vast troop under yourself being a manager, how is your dream team resulting?

Below are the form guides for Premier League teams so far:


There is no stopping the team from Stamford Bridge who are high flying with the help of both Spaniards Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas. Goals are flowing for Chelsea upfront, unlike last season where they had to rely on the midfielders to deliver. Sitting at the top of the league, the Blues are clearly a strong favourite to clinch the title this season under manager Jose Mourinho.  Five wins out of six is impressive!

Manchester City

Manuel Pellegrini’s side, who claimed the Premier League title last season, is moving on a decent form. The only set back for the Etihad team so far this season is losing to Stoke City 1-0 at home. Sergio Aguero and Edin Dzeok are in high flying form up front, however on numerous occasions, they have been shaky at the back. Three wins, pair of draws and a lost.


Arsene Wenger strengthened his squad with new faces who have ideally gelled up well with the team quickly. Setting an unbeaten record so far this season, the Gunners have drawn four times and winning twice. Arsenal does have all the quality that would clinch them to the top four, however requires consistency from their top players to make it happen.

Manchester United

Sitting at the 7th position at the moment, the Red Devils have had mixed review so far this season. With the sublime attacking force they equip, they could surpass any team in the league, yet defensive vows have been costly. A pair of wins, draws and defeats! Allowing Leicester City to capitalize on their weak defense and losing 5-3 was a clear example after staying in lead 1-3.


Wins are a tough nut to crack for the Brendan Rodger’s side, after only securing two out of seven. New signing Mario Balotelli is nowhere near the former striker Luis Suarez. A bigger concern for the Reds is at the back, where on numerous occasions they have been conceding goals at stoppage times. Two wins, one draw and dreadful three defeats, with this form there is no guarantee they can clinch the top four once again. Lots of work to be done!


Similar to their Merseyside neighbour, they have not found what they left from last season. Securing a win only once against West Brom this season, Roberto Martinez needs to quickly solve things out who had a pleased transfer window. Two defeats, three draws and one win, the Toffees must change their own fortunes soon!

Other teams form:

– Tottenham Hotspur: Win (2), Draw (2), Lose (2)

– Swansea City: Win (3), Draw (1), Lose (2)

– Aston Villa: Win (3), Draw (1), Lose (2)

– Crystal Palace: Win (2), Draw (2), Lose (2)

– Leicester City: Win (2), Draw (2), Lose (2)

– West Ham: Win (2), Draw (1), Lose (3)

– Hull City: Win (1), Draw (3), Lose (2)

– West Brom: Win (1), Draw (2), Lose (2) *5 games played*

– Sunderland: Win (0), Draw (5), Lose (1)

– Stoke City: Win (1), Draw (2), Lose (2) *5 games played*

– QPR: Win (1), Draw (1), Lose (4)

– Burnley: Win (0), Draw (3), Lose (2) *5 games played*

– Newcastle United: Win (0), Draw (3), Lose (2) *5 games played*




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