“Did You Know” Interesting Facts

Pep Gain as Mourinho was Left in Pain

Back then at Barcelona, when Rijkaard left the caretaker job, current Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was the first choice to fill the void. However, cheekily the club’s president made Pep Guardiola as the man in charge and he went on clinching 14 titles. Special One wasn’t specially valued then.

Never Underestimate Goal Difference

Fans at times will be in a mind-set that a win is enough to cherish the day, yet managers do take goals into account earnestly. There are only two clubs who have secured the Premier League title in goal difference, Arsenal as well as Manchester City. The Gunners gunned the Reds with the vital difference in 1989 whereas the Citizens defeated their fiery neighbour Manchester United in 2012.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words, Especially Loyalty

In 2006, Juventus were rock-bottomed to the Serie B and many predicted that a wholesale clearance of top stars is going to take place. Astonishingly, Gianluigi Buffon, Alessandro Del Piero, Nedved, Camoranesi and Trezeguet dumped wondrous offers from big European clubs and choose to reduce their salaries to help Juventus return to the Serie A. Respect!

Arsenal the Lucky-Spell for Former Evertonian

The Gunners have been having horrid times over the years dealing with the threat from Wayne Rooney. The fantasy premier league star has scored the most goals as an individual against Arsenal. Spectacularly, Rooney’s 1st, 100th and 150th Premier League goals for the Red Devils were all scored against the North London team.

A Unique Preparation Before World Cup

Team vacations and time out with family has been the utmost preparation to help players mentally.  Didier Deschamps selected a very much opposing approach as he gave the French squad two books to read before the World Cup. One of them was Sir Alex Ferguson’s autobiography.

Spanish Maestro Ineffective For a Very Long Gap

It would be shocking for many as Barcelona talisman Andes Iniesta hasn’t registered an assist or found the back of the net in La Liga since the 26th of March 2014, exactly 365 days!

Can you Work Hard as Ronaldo to Achieve Similarity with Him?

Besides his phenomenal style of play and series of glorious trophies secured by Cristiano Ronaldo, the former Manchester United winger is vastly admired for his strong physique.  Plenty are hitting the gym but how much effort are they putting in? The Portuguese international lifts approximately 23.055 kg of weights during a training session, which is a total of 16 Toyota Prius cars, remarkable!

Too Good, the Opponents Turned Supporters!

Back in 2005, the world-class Ronaldinho notched an outstanding goal against Real Madrid at Bernabeu. His goal was that fabulous that the home crowd joined the Barcelona fans to applaud him.

Mother’s Magic Sparked Belgian

Eden Hazard’s mother Carine played in the Belgian first division and the dazzling Chelsea winger followed her footsteps. His mother would be exceedingly proud of her son who is being labelled as a world-class star in the making.

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