If Race Horses Could Play in Super Bowl, What NFL Players Would They Be

Although it sounds incredible, there are many similarities between race horses and Super Bowl players. For starters, both the stallions and the players are energetic and full of leg power. Secondly, the super bowl week coincides with the Triple Crown horse race season. It means that while NFL teams like the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers are upbeat about their upcoming Sunday face-off, horse owners and trainers are actively searching for Derby trail races in which to run their stallions. Interestingly as you will soon discover, the similarity between horse racing and the NFL also extends to the players and horses that compete.

On a light note to get you excited and ready for the Super Bowl fete and the Triple Crown horse race season, here is a list by Dan Tordjman, of talented Super Bowl players and their horse racing equivalents.

Cam Newton, (Panthers Quarterback) & The American Pharoah


There is a rather distinct similarity between Cam Newton and the American Pharoah regarding their successful careers, choice of company and personality. For instance, both have risen in just a short time to become notable faces in their respective sports. Despite breaking out in 2015, Cam Newton has quickly risen to the top become the NFL face and even though he showboats every time he gets the opportunity, those who have interacted with him attest to his generous and compassionate nature towards children. Similarly, the American Pharoah burst into the scene by sweeping the Triple Crown and loves to toy with the competition. Besides, the horse seems to cherish the company of children and people of all ages.

The Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning & The Pizza Man

PeytonManning_200x161 PizzaManEclipse_200x161

When a person talks of Peyton Manning he or she cannot help but draw a comparison between him and the Pizza Man. After all, this greatest Broncos quarterback of all time has been the franchise and spokesman of Papa John’s pizza since the year 2012. Peyton defied many odds and limitations including coming back from injury and leading his team to the Super Bowl. Just like the Papa John’s Pizza spokesman, The Pizza Man beat the odds in that despite being owner bred in Midwest Illinois, the horse came off a spectacular year earning over one million dollars. Since both Manning and the Pizza Man have delivered on countless occasions, they are the perfect equivalents.

The Panthers Linebacker Luke Kuechly & Keen Ice

LukeKuechly_200x309 KeenIceEclipse_200x309

A common feature between Luke Kuechly and Keen Ice is that in the recent months, they both caused major upsets to their competition by playing the spoiler role. Keen Ice sunk the Triple Crown champ, the American Pharoah’s hopes of having a perfect 2015, by beating the titleholder at the wire. The incident happened in summer at the Travers at Saratoga, where Keen Ice ran off the pace to clinch the title. On his part, Luke Kuechly’s incredible ability to snag interception dashed the Super Bowl dreams of both the Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals, by making four interceptions in the course of the regular spell and two extra during the playoffs.

Broncos’ Linebacker Von Miller & Shadwell Stables Mohaymen

VonMiller_200x228 MohaymenEclipse_200x228

The title “Fastest Rising Star” is an excellent label by all means. That is a name that best describes both Mohaymen and Von Miller the Bronco linebacker. Miller is arguably the fastest rising star in the NFL after racking up seven sacks and one interception during the playoffs, making him one of the most promising Super Bowl players with the biggest postseason. Just like Miller, Shadwell Stables Mohaymen rapidly soared the racing ranks to clinch a spot on the most significant horse racing stage. During the early races of the Road to Kentucky Derby, he took an early lead to win the race at the Holy Bull Stakes at Gulfstream. With such potential, it seems like the stars of these two parallels are still ascending.

Thomas Davis (Panthers Linebacker) & Juba

ThomasDavis_200x186 JubaPpm_170x186

Resilience is what best describes the Panther’s linebacker Thomas Davis and Juba. Not many athletes can make multiple comebacks from injuries and still go ahead and compete on high profile platforms. Both Thomas Davis and Juba have done precisely that on more than one occasion. Davis suffered a broken arm injury, a dislocated finger and three times torn his ACL. He bravely battled and overcame all these challenges to go ahead and even clinch the coveted Walter Payton NFL-Man-of-the-Year Award.

It is not unusual for horses to make a triumphal recovery from injury. However, very few if any manage to do so while drawing so much support and empathy from the public like the Centennial Farms Juba. Juba suffered a condylar fracture that kept him on the sidelines for over a year. During all that time racing fans could empathize and follow Juba’s progress through his twitter handle.

Aqib Talib the Broncos’ Cornerback & Page McKenney

AqibTalib_200x230 PageMckenneyEcliipse_200x230

In every sport, there are the fast risers, and then there are the late bloomers. The late bloomers always seem to struggle a lot at first and even get into trouble from time to time. However, the moment they get their act together, they become unstoppable and a force to reckon. That is what Aqib Talib and Page McKenney share in common. Aqib Talib was once an NFL ?bad-boy, with a checkered career, characterized by a lot of legal issues. However, with age, he has transformed leaving behind his troubled past to become a widely respected and fierce cornerback and a leader of the AFC champs, Broncos.

Equally, when Page McKenney started out in racing, he performed dismally. He lost all of his first twelve races and fourteen of his fifteen races. However, in mid-2014, something happened, and ever since, he is on a roll, winning almost all of his races. It seems like old is indeed gold, as his recent success during the Laurel Park, Native Dancer Stakes made him go over the million dollar mark. Such value marks are rare especially for a modest pedigree Pennsylvanian bred horse.

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