Various Forms of Thoroughbred Horse Racing

Thoroughbred horse racing is so popular all over the world, that between all the different forms of horse racing, most people know only about this form and no other. Some people call this form of horse racing as the “Sport of Kings”.

Thoroughbred horse owners hire trainers for training the horse for only a single type of race and generally choose to enter their horse in races similar to those the horse is training for. This is because the horse trainer is very well aware of the fact that there is a specific regimen for training for each different type of race.

There are various forms of Thoroughbred Horse Racing

1. Maiden Races
In this type of horse racing, untested horses are made to compete with each other. This is the debut race for all race horses. This race is perceived as more exciting by some people as all the horses involved in it are amateurs. The maiden race shows the potential of the horse to the world, thus determining the entire career of the racehorse. It is very common to see thoroughbreds of different ages participating in the maiden race. In order to even the odds, the horses are made to carry similar weights. No handicapped penalties are involved in the maiden race type of thoroughbred horse racing.

2. Allowance Racing
This type of thoroughbred horse racing involves horses who are not ready to compete in the grand stakes yet but have previously participated in the maiden races. The horses run for a purse that is slightly above the purse which is involved in maiden races. Some horse owners take advantage of the Allowance Racing by using them as a training ground for their horses.

3. Grand Stakes Racing
This type of thoroughbred horse racing is extremely popular among people, given to the huge money involved. People who generally attend the Grand Stakes bet cash on their most favorite horse. The “Grand Stakes” in this race does not refer only to the huge sum of money involved, but also to the status of the horse. The winning horse then becomes a “celebrity”. Not only is the money at stake in this type of thoroughbred horse racing, but the dreams of people are also at stake, as betting in this race can cost a lot. Countless people pin their hopes and dreams on one horse- making it the driving factor that generates support for this type of race from people all over the world.

4. Handicap Race
This type of thoroughbred horse racing has the most even odds, hence most people tend to bet in this race. All the horses that are competing in this race have been handicapped appropriately, based on their performance in other races. Based on theory, any horse can win.

The prime reason for the popularity of thoroughbred horse racing is the cash prize involved. However, some people regard it as a “test of spirit”. Many horses have the potential to be the best, but only those horses who have the will to win, win. The potential is useless for those horses who do not have the will to win. Hence, thoroughbred horse racing is beyond being just a game. It is a reflection of life!