Horse Racing Tips: Selection Of Proper Horses

When it comes to horse racing tips, the golden horse racing tip is to ensure that you select the best horse that stands a high chance of winning a race. Failure to do so will automatically result in the loss of a bet and consequently loss of money. But how do you go about choosing a, horse that stands a high chance of winning? Well, the following is an overview of some of the most effective time tested techniques

The first technique is quite easy and basically entails giving a wide berth to highly competitive races: not betting on highly competitive races while betting in races that are not so competitive. As a rule, you should identify a horse in the not-so competitive races that is in good current form and has had a string of good results in recent times; place your bet on this horse. By placing an average of 3 to 4 best each week, you are assured of getting 50 to 60 percent wins at all odd. But how do you go about doing this?

The best way is through the use of websites such as the Daily Racing Form, Equibase, Paulick Report . All the information pertaining to the previous , recent and forthcoming races can be found on these sites. Select all non handicap races that have a maximum of 12 declared races. While doing this, you should avoid all apprentice, ladies and amateur races as these races tend to be somehow unpredictable. Now take note of all horses that might have won in the last round of races: the last race. The next step will be to place your bet, when placing the bet, write down “evens or odds on, no bet’’ on our betting slip. This will in essence help you to eliminate both evens and odd on bets and as such, you are assured that for all selections you made, the bet will be on odds against

There is also another technique that can be quite effective when properly made use of. This betting techniques will assure you of one possible selection or even two

When using this techniques, you should first take note of all horses that have finished in the top 3 in their last 3 races, the horses you select using these criteria should all be in good form. The next stage is to eliminate all horses until you have one using their form figures. The elimination should follow these outlined steps: first start by eliminating horses that have no rating under top-speed rating, a ranking for top speed is available for each race and usually features the 3 highest top speeds during the race. The next step is to eliminate horses that do not have a favorite-forecast as per the racing post

By carrying out this elimination process, you will be able to progressively eliminate most of the horses and finally narrow down on one horse: this should be your selection. However, if you are left with more than one horse after the elimination process, you should bet for the horse with the shortest price quote as per the Racing Post Forecast. In the event that all horses are eliminated during the selection process, there is no likely winner and as result you should place no bet

The golden rule when it comes to horse racing tips is to bet for a horse that is in good form and has had a string of good results since it has a much better chance of emerging first in a race


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