Play Daily Fantasy Jockey on FanXT!

The Daily Fantasy Jockey game, launching on May 4 on FanXT, is the newest way to enjoy the excitement of thoroughbred horse racing! If you’ve ever tried DraftKings or FanDuel then Daily Fantasy Jockey will have a very familiar feel to it. If you’re new to the online fantasy sports world, don’t worry, this game is very easy to learn.

To start playing, enter a Daily Fantasy Jockey contest in the home page. You’ll be guided to a page in which you’ll be able to select six jockeys that you want to use to try and win the contest. You earn points when the jockeys you select place first, second or third in a race. The catch is that you can’t just pick any jockey you want. Each jockey is assigned a salary, and your salary cap is $50,000. Elite jockeys like Javier Castellano and Rafael Bejarano will regularly be assigned salaries of over $10,000, so it’s impossible to make a stable full of jockeys like them. This is where the strategy of the game comes in.


1. Stakes race results matter more
In normal races, jockeys earn 10 points for a win, five for finishing second and three for coming in third. But in stakes races worth between $200,000 and $490,000, jockeys are eligible for an additional 10, five or three points. When a stakes race is worth $500,000 or more, an extra 30, 15 and nine points are available to the top three finishers of the race! When weighing a decision between which jockey to select, pay close attention to the mounts they have in stakes races on a given day and see if they have a chance to do well in those events.

2. Try to use jockeys the public isn’t using
By clicking on the little graph symbol to the right of a jockey’s name and salary, a pop-up window will display their current entries and the percentage of ownership amongst all players. Jockeys with low public ownership that you think will do well are the best investment you can make because you’re competing against other people, and any leg-up you can get against the competition can make the difference between winning first prize and settling for a minor reward.

3. Handicap the races! Don’t just go by odds/connections
This seems fairly straightforward, but not all players will devote the time required to study each race and will blindly pick big names racing for big trainers/owners, and usually those horses are favored to win. By investing the time to carefully review the races, you could reveal that a jockey is sitting on a couple of live longshots, which other players might not see.

Here’s a link to the site to get you started, good luck!

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